Why Are We Consulting?

Why Are We Consulting?

In November 2018 West Craigs Ltd submitted a Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN) to the City of Edinburgh Council.

The PoAN contained the following description of development:

Mixed use development including business and employment uses (class 4), (class 6), hotels (class 7) and ancillary uses including retail (class 1), financial and professional services (class 2), food and drink (class 3), residential institutions (class 8), residential (class 9), non-residential institutions (class 10), assembly and leisure (class 11), sui generis flatted development and other associated works including landscaping, car parking, servicing, access and public realm.

Submission of the PoAN commenced a statutory period of pre-application consultation, and West Craigs Ltd held two public consultation events – on the 3rd December 2018 and the 2nd May 2019.

This online consultation – the third public event held by West Craigs Ltd – has been arranged in order to update the local community and provide a further opportunity to comment on the proposals in advance of a planning application being submitted in December 2020.